Joshua Tree Park Ornament

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Capture the unique beauty of Joshua Tree Park with our exquisite Joshua Tree Park Ornament. Ideal for adventurers, explorers, and nature lovers, this unique 3D ornament embodies the spirit of exploration and family adventures in one of America’s most iconic desert landscapes.


Two-Layer Design: Our ornament features a detailed two-layer construction, bringing to life the stunning and diverse scenery of Joshua Tree Park.
DIY Painting: Personalize your ornament by painting it yourself. Reflect the vibrant hues of the park’s distinctive Joshua trees, rugged rock formations, and desert sunsets, or create your own unique color scheme.
Easy Assembly: After painting, easily assemble the pieces with glue to complete your personalized masterpiece.
Dimensions: Measuring 3.75″ tall by 3.3″ wide, this ornament is the perfect size to adorn your holiday tree or any decorative display.
Two Versions Available: Choose from two captivating designs, each highlighting different iconic scenes from Joshua Tree Park.

The Joshua Tree Park Ornament is more than just a decoration; it’s a tribute to the spirit of adventure and the unforgettable experiences shared with family in the great outdoors. Ideal for national explorers and those who cherish family expeditions, this ornament makes a thoughtful and creative gift. Start your artistic journey today and bring the mesmerizing beauty of Joshua Tree Park into your home!

– These will come as laser cut 1/8″ baltic birch unfinished ornaments. Each style ornament has two layers.
– The finished photos are created with Ohuhu Alcohol Markers.
– The codes for the markers used in the photos are:
— Ornaments with Icons E 2 8 0 , E 5 5 3
— Joshua Tree = G 5 5 4 , E 5 3 3 , E 2 8 6 , E 6 4 4

We do not have time at the moment to finish ornaments and are just selling a DIY paint, stain or color yourself option. Thank you for understanding.

Icon Version Icon’s list:
Arch Rock
Cholla cactus
Skull Rock
Rock climbing
Bighorn Sheep
Desert Wildflowers


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