White Sands Park Ornament

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Capture the ethereal beauty of White Sands Park with our exquisite 3D ornament, a celebration of adventure and exploration. Standing 3.75 inches tall and spanning 3.3 inches wide, this intricately designed ornament invites you to embark on a journey of creativity and discovery.

Available in two distinct versions, each ornament features meticulously crafted layers that showcase the mesmerizing dunes and pristine landscapes of White Sands Park. Paint it yourself and assemble with glue to personalize your ornament, creating a cherished keepsake that commemorates your family’s expeditions and national explorations.

Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and those who embody the Great Explorer spirit, the White Sands Park Ornament symbolizes the thrill of discovery and reverence for natural beauty. Whether adorning your holiday tree or displayed year-round, it serves as a reminder of the unique wonders found within one of America’s most captivating parks.

Embrace the spirit of adventure with our White Sands Park Ornament—a timeless symbol of exploration and the awe-inspiring landscapes that define our nation’s natural heritage.

– These will come as laser cut 1/8″ baltic birch unfinished ornaments. Each style ornament has two layers.
– The finished photos are created with Ohuhu Alcohol Markers.
– The codes for the markers used in the photos are:
— Ornaments with Icons E 2 8 0 , E 5 5 3
— White Sands = E 2 8 6 , Y 6 9 6 , E 6 4 4

We do not have time at the moment to finish ornaments and are just selling a DIY paint, stain or color yourself option. Thank you for understanding.

Icon Version Icon’s list:
Ranger Hat


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